Sunday, 20 May 2012

New Sosial Networking Facebook + Google+ = Zurker (Member Mark Zurkerberg)

Laman website sosial yg terbaru diasaskan oleh nick odi iaitu salah seorg rakan mark zurkebak facebook.Lama ini dikenali sebagai zurker dan sekarang masih dalam test beta. untuk join laman zurker ini anda perlu invitation dari rakan yg telah join zurker ini. Secara kasar laman ini tidak friendly dan banyak lagi perlu kemaskini.
                                                   Untuk join bolehlah klik disini

A new social network has popped up called Zurker. What is Zurker? Is it just a poorly crafted Facebook Copycat? Is it MySpace with a fresh set of paint?
First impression is that the user interface makes me feel like I’ve taken a time machine to 1996 and am connecting to the network via dial-up modem. But I’ll be fair.. it’s Beta.
The name itself, “Zurker” is odd. Who started the company… Mark Zurkerberg?
So what is it? Instead of explaining what a social network is.. I’ll explain how Zurker is different from Facebook.
#10 – View updates on your “Street” instead of your “Newsfeed”
#9 – Share your “Finds” instead of your “Likes”.
#8 – Make “Connections” instead of Add “Friends”.
#7 – E-mail those Connections via “Convos” versus “Messages”.
#6 – Create an “Entity” for your business or organization as opposed to a “Page”.
#5 – Green color accents instead of Blue.
#4 – Zurker encourages you to add strangers to your Connections. Facebook gets mad at me when I add pretty girls I don’t know to my friends list.
#3 – Zurker will kick you off for creating 2 profiles (only one per User allowed). Facebook encourages you to create a user account for your dog to increase their “active users”.
#2 – Facebook kept its profits hidden for years. Zurker has an open book policy.
#1 – Zurker has “Owners” and not “Members” – That’s right.. you OWN the company by signing up.
As u already know that facebook ceo and founder mark zukerburg has stolen the idea of facebook from two twin brother in harvard university in 2001..... later on they complaint and got 65 million dollar in 2007in 2009 they started a new project(ZURKER) and launched the beta version in dec 2011.... u can join it now and become a share holder of this website........ ...........this feature of share is added by them........... .....currently there are thousands of member joining this web site in uk alone per day...........totally free , new features than facebook and g+.............IT will rule the future definately..... ............... ........join today and become share holder now .... dont use different country ip to join..... because as beta it is limited to 7 country only


  1. Great Article,
    And its actually facebook + linkedin + google+= zurker
    as it has a option to connect people :)
    Zurker has many new features and Being co - owner of zurker is awesome by getting Vshares ecommerce website development


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